The Flying Cloud troupe is available for themed fund raisers; historical presentations and celebrations; cultural and educational programs. We conduct classes, workshops, and encourage audience participation for all ages, as appropriate.

Please visit our calendar for upcoming performances.

To book a performance of the Flying Cloud Vintage Dance Troupe, contact our Artistic Director:

Tamara Anderson: (513) 733-3077

Previous venues include:

Smithsonian Institute

Biltmore Estates

Taft Museum

Cincinnati Art Museum

We are available for performances of up to 90 minutes in length.

Travel over 50 miles from Cincinnati, OH will require transportation expenses.

The Flying Cloud supplies music appropriate to each time period. A sound system for CD and PA is required. If the booking organization cannot provide an adequate sound system, the Flying Cloud will supply one for an additional charge.

The Flying Cloud prefers indoor venues (outdoor accelerates wear and tear on costumes). Stage or surface must be level and smooth, and preferably wood.

Total compensation is based on the nature of each performance. Please contact our Troupe Director for more information.